PEAK Men’s Anti-skidding Basketball Shoes, 41072, Newport, Campbell, KY, USA

PEAK Men’s Anti-skidding Basketball Shoes, 41072, Newport, Campbell, KY, USA

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PEAK Men's Anti-skidding Basketball Shoes


Basketball Special – PEAK Men’s Anti-skidding Basketball Shoes, 42375 Zip Area, Stanley City, Daviess County, KY State, USA.

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PEAK founded in 1989 which is an international enterprise specialized in developing professional and casual footwear, apparel and accessories.
Until now, PEAK sponsored lots of Basketball Associations and Olympic Committees from the world. And PEAK signed with many NBA players, Tony Parker, Dwight Howard, Shane Battier, George Hill, Beno Udirh and so on.
Please NOTE, this pair shoe is a little smaller than common shoe, please choose a big one yard size than usual, thanks. And the size US8 is the same as US8.5, the size US10.5 is the same as US11, cause for the different production batches.
Size Chart:
Please contact us with any other questions or if you didn’t find your suitable size.

Punched upper design enhances shoes breathability and easy maintenance. Perfect detail, smooth line displays the charm of the brave. Top quality material, refined stiching process, excellent quality and durable anti-skidding sole.Please NOTE, this pair shoe is a little smaller than common shoe, please choose a big one yard size than usual, thanks
Sole: irregular black texture sole offers perfect ground grip
Tongue Design: punched upper design joints with smooth leather enhances shoes breathability and easy maintenance
Upper Design: modest ”PEAK” logo is never go out of date. Black and white colorway is classic
Add more USD2.9, you will get one pair basketball socks; Add more USD14.99, you will get one PU basketball

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New 2017 – PEAK Men’s Anti-skidding Basketball Shoes, 41072, Newport, Campbell, KY, USA.

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