Ewing 33 Hi X Staple Lafayette, Louisiana May 2019

Ewing 33 Hi X Staple Lafayette, Louisiana May 2019

Ewing 33 Hi X Staple Lafayette, Louisiana May 2019.

Ewing 33 Hi X Staple


Basketball Shoes Best Sale – Ewing 33 Hi X Staple Lafayette, Louisiana May 2019.

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About Ewing AthleticsOriginally founded in 1989, Ewing Athletics is Patrick Ewings namesake brand and he was the first player to ever have his own footwear brand. The brand was successfully relaunched in 2012 and is now distributed worldwide and growing annually.Nexus Clothing is the number one store for urban street and sportswear. Ewing 33 Hi X Staple is a shoe with a design on the front and back. Nexus also has 6 stores around the Hampton Roads area with more brands like Akoo, Black Pyramid, Cookies, Crooks & Castles, Huf, Diamond Supply, Ethik, DGK, New Era, G3, Stance, Rock Revival, Levis, Jordan Craig, True Religion, Obey, and more. We also have our merchandise available on our website at www.NexusClothing.com with all the latest gear and sportswear. We also have shoes from the legendary Patrick Ewing and other legendary sports players and movie actors. Check us out on social media as well @shopnexus on Instagram. Nexus is an urban sports and skate store with also an online merchandiser. Nexus has local stores all over Virginia. Norfolk has one of the most successful stores located in Macarthur mall at Monticello Ave. Our Norfolk store has a lot of exclusives and our biggest brands like True Religion, Rock Revival and exclusive dad hats with custom designs. Our newest store in Norfolk also the premium outlet this mall just recently opened and has been very successful. Hampton also has two stores Patrick Henry and the outside mall. Greenbrier has many different options for merchandise from sports to street.


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Flash Sale  – Ewing 33 Hi X Staple, Lafayette, Louisiana USA.

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