McDavid 6446 Hex Padded Compression Leg Sleeve (One Pair) – Cannon Knox KY 40923 USA

McDavid 6446 Hex Padded Compression Leg Sleeve (One Pair) – Cannon Knox KY 40923 USA

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McDavid 6446 Hex Padded Compression Leg Sleeve (One Pair)


2017 Deal – McDavid 6446 Hex Padded Compression Leg Sleeve (One Pair), Honaker, 41639 KY USA.

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Leg sleeve featuring 9mm Hex Technology is a favorite among pro and collegiate players. Measurements around knee include, Small (10-12″) Medium (12-14″) Large (14-16″) XL (16-19″) 2XL (19-22″).Leg sleeves featuring 9mm HEX Technology is a favorite among pro and collegiate players
Extended length for better fit as well as added protection against cuts and scratches
hDc Moisture Management Technology is all about cool and dry; Wicking moisture away from the skin
Helps reduce the chance of injury and supports enhanced performance
Machine washable/dryable
This product is supposed to fit close to the body for best results. Fit is a customer preference therefore may vary.
If customer measurements are at the top of the size chart
we recommend selecting the next size up. Is measurements are at the bottom of the size chart
we recommend choosing the next size down.
80% nylon/ 20% spandex
Includes one pair

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Every game has its own extra addons and wearings, which is constantly real in basketball. Aside from the ball and the basketball hoop, a great game expert believes that he must search brand of dependable basketball shoes. There are multitudes of brands one can select from. They have their own varieties and advertised features to ensure that a gamer will feel comfy and in great running condition all through out the sport.

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– Design. Every buyer would want a pair of shoes that is not only comfy and long lasting but really stylish and complementing.

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Christmas Offer – McDavid 6446 Hex Padded Compression Leg Sleeve (One Pair), Honaker, 41639 KY USA.

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